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Wise App Review 2023: See if Wise is The Best Money Transfer App For You

Wise is a payment app formerly called Transferwise. It was launched with the aim of having a faster and cheaper way of sending money internationally. The platform has been in service for over 10 years. To use it, you will need to first download the Wise app. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about it.  Its lowest charges are one of the core reasons Wise came about to become one of the top international money transfer providers. With billions of transfers carried out via the platform monthly and over 10 million users worldwide, Wise has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Wise App: Main Features

Peer-to-peer money transfer allows for low transaction cost

The Wise app is an affordable money transfer app. It seeks to ensure that making transfers shouldn't cost you a fortune. With its peer-to-peer money transfer feature, wiring money abroad within a short period is possible.

International debit card grants you access to your funds from anywhere in the world

Using the Wise payment transfer app comes with a Wise debit card you can use for withdrawals in over 200 countries. Also, to guarantee the security of your funds, the app allows you to freeze or unfreeze your debit card with just a few tweaks.

Wise app UK account no

The Wise app UK has a great feature that gives you a personal account with details like a traditional UK bank account no, IBAN, sort code, etc

The account details not only give you access to local transactions, but you can carry out international transactions with it. Also, you can receive payments into your UK account number provided by Wise from anywhere in the world.

Business account

You can create a business account on the Transferwise app which you may use to carry out business transactions. On the app, you can send out money worldwide, receive payments, generate bills, and share invoices.

Encrypted transactions

The Wise payment app has secured encryption and two-factor encryption which makes your funds 100 percent secured. The company is approved by various countries' regulatory bodies including the UK and US.

How to Download the Wise App

The Wise app is available for Android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

You can find the iOS version in the Apple Store and the Android app in the Google Store. Or, you could simply search for Wise on the Web.  

The platform regularly updates its services, so ensure your app is always updated to the most recent version.

How to Use the Wise App

After downloading the wise transfer app. You can use the app for international transfers from anywhere in the world using the internet. You can access the status of your transfers and if you wish, cancel them.

The Wise app contains all information you require to carry out a bank transfer. You can also use the app to make credit or debit card payments.

On the Wise app? you can also:

  • Invite friends to Wise
  • Send Wise verification documents
  • Set up Amount Lock transfers on available currency routes
  • Set up new transfers with previously used details and recipients
  • Pay via Apple Pay (iOS) and Google Pay (Android)
  • Set up app-based 2-step login

How to Send Money With Wise App

  1. Wise website - Go to the wise website, and you'll be automatically redirected to their homepage. On the homepage, you get a quote for the transfer you intend to make, log in to your account (if you already have an account), and sign up (if you don't have an account with Wise) to commence your transaction. The Wise website is easy and user-friendly.
  2. Creating an account with Wise - The next page will allow you to sign up with Wise. There, you will enter an email address and a secure password, which you will subsequently need to access the account. Ensure to use a password you haven't used elsewhere. Security is paramount when dealing with international transfers. You can also sign up by connecting to your Google or Facebook account.
  3. Enter in the amount you're transferring - The next step requires you to type the amount you'd like to send to your recipient and choose the currency you're sending in. Also, you'll be required to decide what type of transfer you're making. Whether business or personal.
  4. Personal details - You'll be required to fill in your personal details. Before you can carry out international transfers,  you would need to provide substantial information about yourself to ascertain your identity. Information such as your full name, contact number, date of birth, and residential address is usually required. These details have to be correct as they may require an ID later for you to substantiate your claim.
  5. Details of your recipient - Next is entering the details of whom you're sending the money. It could be their bank details or email address. Always ascertain the details as any mistake can cost you. Once Wise verifies your recipient details, you'll get a message notifying you they have been confirmed. Then you can move ahead to the next step of the process.
  6. Review the details of your transaction - Here you're expected to make sure all the details of your transfer are correct so far. It will also show the estimated date the funds would get to the recipient, the rate being offered and all included fees for each option.
  7. Funding the transfer - This step requires you to inform Wise of the mode you'll be using to pay them for the transfer. Either through bank transfer, Internet bank payment, or credit or debit card for smaller payments.  
  8. Confirmation - The final step would be a confirmation of your transfer via email or in the app. Accompanying the confirmation would be the rate you got, the amount you're transferring, and the total amount your recipient will get.


Wise is one of many great options out there for you to make international transfers. Apart from having the lowest fees, its process is easy and secure.

If you feel like the Wise money transfer app meets your needs, you may give it a try.

Faith Boluwatife


Faith Boluwatife

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