How to Open a Trading Account With XTB
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How to Open a Trading Account With XTB

To start trading with this broker, you first need to open an XTB account. In this article, we will guide you through the entire process of how to open a trading account with XTB.

How to open an XTB account 

You can open an XTB account in three major steps: 

  • Complete a simple online form 
  • Upload additional documents to verify your identity 
  • Deposit funds. 

To start your application, visit the XTB website and locate the ‘create account' option. When you click on the option, you will be transferred to a new page where you must enter your email and select your country of residence. Next, you must either agree or reject the option to receive commercial information and declare that XTB can use your personal information to process a trading account. 

XTB has different requirements for various countries. For example, they accept clients from certain countries with another branch called XTB international. If you fall into this category, the system will prompt you to ‘go to XTB international.’ Repeat the process of entering your email address, and select the option to go to the next step. 

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, the next page will prompt you to create your account password. The next page will ask for the following information; 

  • Names according to the information on your ID 
  • Middle names 
  • Surnames 
  • Phone number 
  • Date of birth
  • FATCA declaration that states annual net income, the source of income and earnings, and the annual value of planned investments. 

Next, proceed and enter your full house address. Then, select your preferred currency and language. 

The last step requires you to confirm your understanding of the agreements, including the terms and conditions. Click submit and proceed to your account. 

What XTB account suits you best? 

XTB standard account 

XTB standard account is a basic account available to all traders. It allows market execution, and you can trade forex, commodities, indices, stocks CFDs, and ETF CFDs. In all, there are over 2100 available instruments. The maximum leverage is 1:500, and the minimum spread is 0.5. 

The standard account is hosted on the xStation trading platform, and you don’t need to pay for account management. Also, there are no commissions on the traded instruments. Check here for information on XTB account types.  

XTB advanced account 

The XTB advanced account is available to traders that fit into special criteria. For example, you must meet 10 trades per quarter target with a total of at least €500,000. Also, your investment portfolio must exceed 500,000 USD/EUROs, and possess at least one year of professional experience in the financial sector. Not only this, but you'll need a minimum deposit of $40,000 to open a professional account. 

You can open an advanced or professional account if you meet two of the requirements above. With this, you can enjoy 1:200 leverage, lower spread, higher lot size, and commissions on trades. 

How to activate your XTB account 

You must complete the identity and address verifications before you can activate your XTB account. First, visit your client's office or request the system to send a link to your registered phone number. 

Your proof of identity verification requires a valid government-issued ID document that contains your photograph. Some accepted documents include your passport, the front and back of your national identity card, and your driving license. 

To verify your proof of address, submit any of your bank statements, utility bills, phone bills, or tax statements within the last three months.

The system will review the document, approve it, and activate your account. 


Applying for an XTB trading account is easy and fast. You can also activate it within a few minutes if you have the necessary documents. Try it out today. 

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