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Trading 212 Promo Code: How to Get One

Trading 212 offers free shares when you use a promo code. The platform has created a system of giving its clients free shares during their Trading 212 Promo code Campaign Periods. Every new Trading 212 account holder in selected countries can receive free shares along with their friends. Want to know more? Let’s understand the Trading 212 promo code program and find out how you can benefit from it.

About the Trading 212 Promo Campaign

The Trading 212 promotional campaign gifts free shares to new investors and their referrals who meet the terms of the program. To benefit from this campaign, you must first be a Trading 212 account holder. Upon registration and opening an account, Trading 212 will provide a promotional link to you. With this link, you can help your friends (referrals) become a part of the Trading 212 experience.

After your referral opens an account using your promotional link, you both will receive free shares in your accounts. You and your referral only need to adhere to the terms of the program and nothing will stand in your way.

What are the Requirements to Benefit from the Trading 212 Promo Campaign?

To benefit from the promotional campaign and win a free share for yourself and your friends, you should pay attention to the steps below. Your referral must fulfill all the steps to qualify for the free shares.

  1. Share your promo link with your friends and encourage them to open an account through the link.
  2. Your referral must submit an account registration form to Trading 212 and must be doing so for the first time.
  3. Trading 212 will verify your referral and provide an onboarding session for them. Your referral must go through the verification and onboarding processes.
  4. Your referral must make a deposit to their account that is equal to or greater than the minimum Trading 212 deposit (one dollar or one pound). The referral must make this deposit within ten days of opening their account.

How Soon Will I Get a Free Share?

Trading 212 will typically provide you and your referral with your free shares within three weekdays after the successful completion of promo requirements. If you or your referral still haven’t received your free shares after three weekdays, don’t fret! Your shares will arrive as soon as any inhibiting technical hitch is resolved. Since you will receive this share for free, you don't have to worry about any fees, although Trafing 212 doesn't have any trading fees.

Which Account Receives the Free Shares?

If you’ve opened both an Invest and ISA account, you may be wondering which account will receive free shares. Also, you may not be sure if both accounts will benefit from the promotion. Trading 212 will send your free shares to the first account where you made a deposit.

How Soon Can One Withdraw Free Shares?

After receiving free shares through a promo code, you will be able to withdraw the monetary equivalent of your shares, but not immediately. Immediately after your free share hits your account, a thirty-day countdown begins. During this “Lock-Up” period, your shares will not be subject to withdrawals.

Can I Benefit from the Promo Program from any Country?

While Trading 212 would love to give everyone access to the free shares, certain restraints have limited the potential beneficiaries. Only account holders from certain countries can benefit from the promotional program. These countries include: the U.K, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Ireland, Austria, and Sweden.

How Many Referrals Can I Make?

During the promotional campaign, Trading 212 only allows five referrals to benefit from the program. This means that while you can invite as many friends to benefit from the Trading 212 platform, only the first five referrals can get the free shares.

Can a Referral Get Disqualified?

Yes, they can. A referral can get disqualified for any of the following reasons:

  • Your referral makes a U-turn on any of the qualification procedures.
  • Your referral shuts down their account and retrieves their deposits.
  • Your referral violates any agreement or conditions related to their onboarding.
  • Your referral’s account remains inactive for three successive months after receiving or selling the reward share (whichever activity is latest).


Trading 212 gives out a promo code to many users but there are terms and conditions usually attached. You can enjoy the benefits of a promo code if you know how the offer works and use the code before it expires. This article has shared all the necessary details to help you enjoy your promo code from Trading 212.

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