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BTC-GBP Price History

Satoshi Nakamoto posted a paper to a cryptography mailing list in 2008 with the title “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” The underlying message of this paper was that the elements of oversight, accountability, or trust that had characterized exchange and commerce throughout history would be placed by a system that wouldn’t have the need for transacting agents to know each other.

After the paper was disseminated, the actual platform for bitcoin transactions was released. The first block was mined by Nakamoto, and there was a reward of fifty Bitcoins. This is a block that is usually referred to as the “genesis block.” The first Bitcoin transaction in the world was when the bitcoin client was downloaded by Hal Finney, and he received the first ten Bitcoins from Nakamoto. After the release of Bitcoin, Wei Dai and Nick Szabo also expressed strong support for the cryptocurrency.

Before Nakamoto severed its involvement with the Bitcoin movement, he mined a minimum of about one million Bitcoins, and then he disappeared. Gavin Andresen became the public face of Bitcoin since he became the lead developer at the Bitcoin Foundation.

The rise of Bitcoin has led to increased commercial, academic, investment, transactional, numismatic, and practitioner interest in cryptocurrency. The open-source code of Bitcoin helps other developers to create alternative coins based on the code of Bitcoin.

The first Bitcoin to British pound was calculated on the 20th of November 2015, and it was 215.20 GBP. The all-time high was on the 12th of November 2021, when one Bitcoin was worth 48,005.97 GBP.