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Is N26 Standard a Good Choice for You?

N26 Standard is one of the 4 personal accounts N26 offers. See the advantages and disadvantages of N26 Standard and decide if it’s a good choice for you.

N26 is one highly innovative digital banking app that helps you solve all these problems and bring solutions to financial troubles you didn't know you had. 

This digital bank offers users a variety of plans to make the most out of their virtual banking experience. One such plan is N26 Standard. 

We will look at this plan in this article and highlight what makes it stand out from the rest to help you decide if it will be a good choice. 

Let’s begin here.

What Is N26 Standard

If you’ve ever needed an account you can create and have access to in a few minutes, N26 Standard is what you’re looking for. It takes about 8 minutes to set up an N26 Standard account.

It is a free account unless you exceed the account balance limit of €50,000. You can set up an N26 standard account quickly and hassle-free from your smartphone and immediately start using it to transact. No hidden charges, no paperwork.

Your bank account is easily accessible via your phone, N26 website, or WebApp, so you’re never stranded. On an N26 Standard account, you’re eligible to apply and get a free virtual Mastercard debit card. All you need to make contactless transactions is Google Pay or Apple Pay. 

Additionally, N26 Standard account users enjoy 3 free cash withdrawals from NFC-enabled ATMs. You can also send and receive money from other N26 users for free or move money directly from another bank account into your N26 standard account.

Other N26 accounts

N26 Standard is one out of 4 Personal N26 plans. These Personal plans also have their Business plan counterparts. You can read our N26 review to find out more about this digital bank.

Below, we’ll take a quick look at the other N26 accounts available to you so you can see what suits you best. 

  1. N26 Smart: In addition to all the Standard account features, N26 Smart gives you more control over your finances. The Smart account is a premium N26 account, which means you have to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy the extra services it offers. 
    Some of these services include a colorful Mastercard (you get to choose your color), 5 free ATM withdrawals, and zero transaction fees when you spend abroad. 
    You also get 10 Spaces sub-accounts, and each account comes with its IBAN  (International Bank Account Number.) This enables you to set money aside for different purposes in each bank account to save even better. 
  2. N26 Metal: This is a bank account that makes a statement. It comes with a fancy, unique 18-gram metal card with three color options. This Mastercard is accepted for payments worldwide, so it's not just a decorative piece.
    You enjoy 8 free ATM withdrawals in the Eurozone and free payments globally on this plan. This card also covers your travel and lifestyle insurance, so you’re insured in emergencies and delays.   
  3. N26 You: This is a top choice for everyday users and people who enjoy traveling. It comes with a Mastercard designed in 5 colors. You also get 10 sub-accounts with separate IBANs to manage transactions. Alternatively, you can use your Spaces sub-account as a shared savings space for 10 people.
    The N26 You plan also comes with different travel and lifestyle insurance plans for your everyday needs.

N26 Standard vs. Smart

Comparing plans like N26 Standard vs. Smart can help you get a suitable plan that works for you. Check out the top features each of the plans has for you:

N26 Standard 

  • A free online account
  • A simple, transparent Mastercard
  • 100% online banking
  • Free payments all over the world in any currency
  • 3 free withdrawals in the Eurozone

N26 Smart

  • A premium online account for a small fee
  • A widely accepted colorful Mastercard
  • All the benefits of an N26 Standard account
  • 5 free withdrawals in the Eurozone
  • An optional extra card for more flexibility
  • 10 Spaces sub-accounts plus shared spaces
  • Round-ups to help you save with every purchase

N26 Standard is a good fit for users who only need a simple digital bank account to make transactions with no added benefit. It also gives you an NFC-enabled debit card to make payments with your N26 Standard card when you need to. 

N26 Smart, on the other hand, provides you with a few more premium features than the Standard account. It comes with a fee, but you get more value for your money. If you’re looking for a quick-to-setup digital account as an alternative to a physical bank account, the N26 Standard account is a good option. 

However, if you need a bank account that offers more, the N26 Smart is the way to go.

Benefits of N26 Standard

The N26 Standard account, regardless of its simplicity, has a ton of benefits for users. Here they are:

  1. Free: Unlike the other N26 plans, you don’t have to pay to use the Standard account. However, you may need to pay some deposit fees if your balance exceeds the €50,000 limit.
  2. Digital and Physical cards: Haven't received your physical N26 Standard card yet? You can use the virtual card available to you on the app. It is free and has a full Primary Account Number that you can use with Apple and Google Pay for online payments. 
  3. You can also apply for and get a physical card for just €10. You need this minimum amount in your account to apply for one.
  4. SEPA Transfers: You can send and receive Euro payments in a Eurozone for free using the app. You can also send and receive payments to other N26 users at no cost, helping you save on transaction charges.
  5. Support: You have all the customer support you need, with a team on stand-by in-app, on the website, or on the WebApp waiting to attend to your challenges. The platforms are straightforward to use, but if you ever need help, the customer service team will assist you through the in-chat feature.

When Should You Use N26 Standard?

N26 Standard is the most basic plan of all the N26 plans available, making it a great plan for people new to digital banking. Its simplicity makes it easy to ease into digital banking until you’re ready to explore other offerings available on the rest of the plans. 

N26 Standard, as we said earlier, is also suitable for users who only need a simple digital bank and nothing more. People who already own insurance plans with other providers may consider the travel and lifestyle insurance features too much. 

N26 Standard is a good place to start if you want to try out N26 to see if it’s a good fit for your digital banking needs. Before committing to any of the premium plans, you can test the waters to see if the features of the digital bank appeal to you.

N26 Standard Fees

All accounts, including N26 Standard, come with a 0% currency conversion fee. So, you don’t pay to make foreign card transactions. Although N26 Standard is a free account, a few transactional activities may require small N26 Standard account fees. 

Each account comes with some free withdrawals every month. You pay a €2 fee on every withdrawal when you exceed the limit. You also pay a 1.7% fee on every foreign withdrawal you make. 

N26 Standard Card

This is the physical card available to every Standard account holder. It is a transparent plastic Mastercard that can make transactions just like any regular debit card. To order an N26 Standard card, you pay €10.

To get your Standard card, you first need to verify your identity on the app. It makes you eligible to receive one. After verifying and ordering your card, you may have to wait 15 days to receive it.

You can also use the virtual card available to you on the app (which we have discussed in earlier sections.) 


N26 Standard account is a great fit for beginners to digital banking or users who would like to try out how the digital bank, N26, works for their digital banking activities. Never mind its simplicity; this plan has useful features and great benefits. 

Enjoy the easy life of digital banking by opening an N26 account today!

Besides N26, there are other great digital banks that you can use; some maybe even be better suited than N26. To find out which is the best digital bank for you, use our comparison tool right now. It's completely free, and in just a couple of minutes, you can find the best choice for you. Use it now!

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