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Quality checked Fees: See How Much You Have To Pay When Trading claims that most of its brokerage services are free. But we understand even a free brokerage must make its money somehow. As a result, in this article, we will review fees to know if they are indeed true to their transparent fee policy. fees and commissions really offers commission-free trading accounts. In other words, they don’t charge a deposit and withdrawal fee on any of their payment methods. Not only this, but clients won’t incur any fee on real-time quotes, dynamic charts and indicators, and educational materials. Below are some of the additional fees they charge. Check our article on withdrawal for more information on withdrawal fees. 


It is perfectly normal for a broker to charge spreads. Therefore, there is no cause for alarm just yet. spread also starts from 0.7 pips, depending on the asset you want to trade. To ensure transparency, they offer clients a comprehensive list of spreads particular to each financial instrument. As expected, the spread fluctuates based on market conditions. Therefore, a trader can either pay less or more. Nonetheless, you can expect the spread to start from 0.7 pips for a currency pair like EUR/USD and maybe more for other pairs.

Overnight fees 

Brokers charge swaps for allowing clients to keep their positions active overnight. The swap is an interest you either pay or earn for a trade you keep overnight. Another name is overnight fee. will charge an overnight fee based on the leverage they provide instead of the entire value of the client’s position for thematic investments, shares, and cryptocurrencies. However, the swap on commodities, forex, and indices is based on the entire value of the trader’s position. 

Just as we said with spread, the overnight fee varies across instruments. However, clients can locate the specific overnight fee for their chosen instrument on the platform.

Traders operating an Islamic account are exempted from swap fees through the provisions of the account option. However, they must close open positions before the end of the trading day. does not offer spread betting. Therefore, they don’t charge spread betting fees.

Broker fee 

As mentioned above, does not charge any fee on withdrawals and deposits regardless of the payment methods. However, the trader is solely responsible for any transaction fees charged by the financial instruction. does not charge an inactivity fee, currency conversion fees, and account management and maintenance fees. 

Are fees high? 

No, fees are not high. In fact, the fee structure is better than most brokers. For example, Avatrade inactivity fee is $50 per quarter after 3 months after 12 months of non-use. Then, the platform will further remove an annual administration fee of $100. Not only Avatrade, but eToro and Plus500 charge $10 per month after an inactivity period, and this is only one of the many fees these similar platforms charge.

For, you only need to pay the spread. Put differently, the swap is optional and is not applicable if you don’t keep your position overnight. Since a trader can check the spread before placing the trade, he is solely responsible for how much spread he attracts. Therefore, you can always choose instruments with lower spreads in favor of those with higher spreads. 

Conclusion is one of the best brokers when it comes to fees and commissions. Clients don’t need to pay withdrawal fees, deposit fees, inactivity fees, and other popular fees. If you want to enjoy trading without paying unnecessary commissions, try today. 

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