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5 Must Watch Crypto Trading Courses

Getting into cryptocurrency trading can be a challenge, even if you have traditional trading experience. To make things easier on you, we have selected some of the best crypto trading courses that will get you up to speed in no time when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies.

Learning how to day trade crypto on your own can cost be costly given the number of mistakes that you will probably end up doing. The following courses will help you get started not only in trading but crypto investing as well.

For Beginners

Anyone who wants to have a chance of being a successful trader needs a starting point. So we will start with a course designed for the absolute beginners:  The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course by Mohsen Hassan. If you don't know what cryptos are but want to invest in them, start here. 

This course explains everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies: from the blockchain and Bitcoin to cryptocurrency investing techniques.

After taking this course, you will start to understand the blockchain, learn how to buy any crypto throughout different cryptocurrency exchanges, and do fundamental analysis to select the best coins to invest in.

You will even have the opportunity to learn advanced portfolio management techniques such as portfolio rebalancing and much more.

It is easy to understand, affordable, and should get you up and running with cryptocurrency trading in no time.

This course has 4,6 stars (more than 4,500 reviews), and almost 22,000 students have enrolled so far.  

The Cryptocurrency Foundations Course on LinkedIn is also an excellent educational material for anyone wanting to learn more about cryptos.

Here, we follow the instructor Jonathan Reichental, who is an award-winning technology loader. 

This is an excellent course if you want to understand what cryptocurrencies are, how a cryptocurrency is created, how mining works, and things of that nature. In this course, you will be exploring all of the fundamental aspects that make cryptocurrencies work, so you have a clear perspective on them when the time for trading comes.

For Intermediate Traders

Not everyone is a beginner, and if you understand how crypto trading works and do not want to waste too much of your time re-learning all of the basics, the following course might be what you are looking for.

The Cryptocurrency Trading: Technical Analysis Masterclass 2021 course is the perfect cryptocurrency trading course for intermediate traders. It will allow you to master technical analysis and Fibonacci trading to profit daily on cryptocurrencies and altcoins.

Created by Wealthy Education, this course will help you master technical indicators and chart patterns. 

Furthermore, you will also learn how to trade cryptocurrencies through the usage of technical analysis, how to use levels, trend lines, and channels. At the end of the course, you will also know how to set up the charts and how to use volume with support and resistance to identify the trend strength. 

Lastly, the course will teach you how to use advanced risk management strategies and advanced tools like MACD Oscillator and Bollinger Bands to determine market trends, reversal, support, and resistance levels. 

For this course, you will need to sign-up for a free chart analysis tool, like TradingView.

The course has a 4.3 rating (out of 1.300 reviews), and so far, over 6,700 students have enrolled. 

For Advanced Traders

Even advanced traders benefit from taking a course every once in a while to learn new strategies or how to use advanced tools. 

One such course would be Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading + Top 5 Robots in 2021.

This course, created by Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov, will teach you how to trade fully automatically through the usage of 5 cryptocurrency trading strategies.

You will also learn how to backtest each strategy to make sure that it is actually profitable.  

The course has a 4,5 rating (out of 500 reviews), and so far, more than 5.000 have enrolled. 

Special Mention - Crypto Master Course

So far, we've covered crypto courses for various knowledge levels. If you want to go from absolute beginner to expert in just one class, the Crypto Master Course might be the best choice for you. The Palm Beach Research Group created this crypto course in collaboration with Glenn Beck. 

This course takes a unique approach, and it teaches everything you need to know about cryptocurrency trading from a beginner up to an expert level.

Bottom Line

Investing in crypto is as risky as any other form of trading. Learning the basic principles or advanced techniques won't guarantee that you will become a successful trader, but the knowledge acquired will help you make fewer mistakes.

Picking a suitable crypto exchange can also help you increase your chances of success. This means that if you're a beginner, you shouldn't use a crypto trading platform best suited for experts. 

With our crypto exchange comparison platform, you will easily and quickly find the crypto exchange that is best suited for your needs. All you have to do is answer a few quick questions, and our algorithm will show you which exchange gives you the best chances to succeed.  Try it now!

Pooja Kadia


Pooja Kadia

Pooja is a content strategist, creator, entrepreneur, and public speaker for the crypto and blockchain industry. Having ventured into the blockchain space in 2016, she has worked with more than 150 crypto projects in a variety of different roles. Her area of expertise includes creating a content strategy and managing the creative writing process to assist blockchain projects during pre and post-launch. Apart from serving crypto projects with their narrations, she is a public speaker who has conducted several online seminars and held university lectures to educate on blockchain technology.

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