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AvaTrade App Review: See If It's the Best App For You

Avatrade has been a well-reputed stock broker in the market for quite some time. Recently, the broker has launched its trading app known as ‘Avatrade Go.’ Now, the app has made all the right noises in the market ever since its launch. So, here is a detailed review of the app to let you know what it’s all about.

Avatrade App Review: Installation and Use

How to Install the App

Avatrade enjoys a wide range of compatibility with all the leading OS in the market. You can install it either from the Google Play Store for your Android devices or the App Store for your Apple devices. Simply download, install, and follow the steps given below to start using the app.

How to Use the App

The user-friendly interface of the Avatrade app makes it easier for investors and traders to use this app without any difficulties. Here is a brief guide on how to use the app seamlessly:

  1. Start by creating your account with Avatrade by filling in all the basic details asked in the registration form.
  2. After you are done registering, you will get a notification confirming that your account has been created and activated. Check that notification to find the login credentials for the account.
  3. As you log in using those credentials, a world of features will open up before your eyes. To start using any of those features, you will have to deposit a particular amount in your account.
  4. So, go to ‘Trading Central’ and click on the option to add funds. A list of payment options will open up in front of your eyes. Now, choose the payment that you are the most comfortable with.
  5. Once you deposit the funds, start looking for the securities that you plan to trade and place your orders.
  6. Different kinds of orders can be placed at one go – just as you can use a number of tools on the Avatrade Go app for better analysis.

Avatrade App Review: Features

Since the work of Avatrade app download, installation, registration, and payment deposit has already been done, let’s get you familiar with some of the features. So, following are the top features found on the app.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing you get to see after registering on the app. It gives you a complete overview of the rest of the features present in the app. As such, here are the top five features you will find under the dashboard:

  • Home screen
  • Order book
  • Trading Central
  • Search
  • Positions

You will find the list of securities under the ‘home screen’ option, and you can add funds from the ‘trading central’ option. Finally, in the ‘search’ option, you can search for any kind of security that you plan to trade.

There are three lists under the home screen option:

  • Favorites - A list of all the securities that are present in the market as the favorites.
  • Hot – A list of hot securities trading at that time in the market.
  • Trends – A list of trending assets found in the market.

Market Analysis

Understanding the market condition is important when you are trading in various securities. After all, the price of the security is typically affected by varied reasons. Thus, it is important to constantly monitor the market. Here are the two options you can use on the Avatrade mobile app for market analysis:

  • Economic calendar – This part will keep you informed about the approaching economic occurrences. Traders can track every event that can impact the market.
  • Market buzz – Get regular updates about the ongoing affairs in the economic market.

Orders and Charts

Choosing security to start trading is the primary step for trading. However, selecting security is not enough because you also need to choose the price through detailed technical analysis. On the app, you can use various analytical tools and charting software to analyze the chart for the securities you have chosen. Use various indicators and change the time frames to get a fair idea about how the securities work. 


All in all, Avatrade Go is a good app for both beginners and pros. Try using the app to get a better idea about the features and their viability for your trading goals. You can also use the app with an AvaTrade Demo account.

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