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Pepperstone Fees and Charges: Trading, Overnight & Withdrawal

Pepperstone is a well-known online Australian forex broker that has been in business since 2010. They offer their clients a variety of trading platforms and account types to choose from.

As with any financial institution, Pepperstone imposes certain fees and charges for its services.

In this article, we will take a look at Pepperstone's fee structure and how it compares to other brokers. We will also discuss the difference in the fees associated with withdrawal and deposit methods of different Pepperstone account types. So, whether you are looking to open an account with Pepperstone or just want to learn more about their fees, you have come to the right place! Also, if you want more information about the broker, go to our Pepperstone review.

Pepperstone Fees and Commissions

Contrary to other companies that use a single liquidity provider, Pepperstone uses multiple providers from Tier 1 Banks and institutions. This not only gives you more competitive quotes but also low spreads and deep liquidity. In addition, fast execution is guaranteed for all clients regardless of size or experience.

The following are the types of fees charged by Pepperstone:

Pepperstone Spreads

Pepperstone offers some of the lowest spreads in the industry. Their Razor account gives you access to Pepperstone spreads as low as 0.0 pips on major currency pairs. However, keep in mind that Pepperstone also charges a commission of AU$7 per lot traded.

Pepperstone Withdrawal

Pepperstone withdrawal fee differs from account to account. If you are using a bank transfer, there is no withdrawal fee for amounts over AU$200. However, if you are withdrawing via PayPal, there is a flat fee of AU$5 per transaction.

Pepperstone Deposit

The deposit methods offered by Pepperstone include bank transfer, credit/debit card, and PayPal. The minimum deposit amount is AU$200. There are no deposit fees for bank transfers and credit/debit card deposits. However, there is a 3% fee for PayPal deposits.

Pepperstone Inactivity Fee

If your account is inactive for 12 months or more, Pepperstone will charge you a monthly fee of AU$15. This fee is charged to keep your account open and maintain your data.

Pepperstone Commissions

You will only be charged a commission when you trade CFDs on Forex and Shares using a Razor account. If you use MT5 or MT4, your micro lots will either be rounded up or down. For example, if you are using an MT5 Razor account for trading USD, the commission per 0.01 lots (1000 base currency) will be USD 0.04 (USD 0.08 round turn).

Pepperstone Swap Fee

The swap rate is the fee you pay for holding a position overnight. Pepperstone's swap rates are competitive, and you can view them all on their website. A swap rate is an overnight rollover interest rate that accrues depending on the position you hold. Pepperstone adjusts your account balance to reflect the amount of funding needed for your position, which can either be positive or negative.

Currency pairStandard - minimum spreadStandard - average spreadRazor - minimum spreadRazor - average spread
Trading account currencyCommission/1 lot (100,000 base currency)Commission/0.01 lots (1000 base currency)
CADCAD 3.5 (CAD 7 round turn)CAD 0.04 (CAD 0.8 round turn)
HKDHKD 28.17 (HKD 56.34 round turn)HKD 0.28 (HKD 0.56 round turn)
SGDSGD 4.55 (SGD 9.10 round turn)SGD 0.05 (SGD 0.1 round turn)
NZDNZD 4.75 (NZD 9.50 round turn)NZD 0.04 (NZD 0.09 round turn)
JPYJPY 303 (JPY 607 round turn)JPY 3 (JPY 6 round turn)
AUDAUD 3.50 (AUD 7 round turn)AUD 0.04 (AUD 0.08 round turn)
CHFCHF 3.30 (CHF 6.60 round turn)CHF 0.03 (CHF 0.06 round turn)
GBPGBP 2.25 (GBP 4.50 round turn)GBP 0.02 (GBP 0.05 round turn)
EUREUR 2.60 (EUR 5.20 round turn)EUR 0.03 (EUR 0.06 round turn)
USDUSD 3.50 (USD 7 round turn)USD 0.04 (USD 0.08 round turn)

Are Pepperstone Fees Too High?

When compared to other brokers, Pepperstone fees are average. However, their low spreads and fast execution make up for it. Also, their customer service is excellent, and they offer a wide range of account types and trading platforms to choose from. Overall, we would say that Pepperstone is a great choice for both experienced and beginner traders.

Pepperstone Fees Conclusion

We hope this article has helped you understand Pepperstone's fee structure better. If you are looking for a broker that offers low spreads and fast execution, then Pepperstone is definitely worth considering.

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