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Is Revolut Metal Worth It?

In today’s digital age, many digital banks provide opportunities for users to avoid international fees, spend money abroad, and travel with the comfort of knowing that their funds are safe. Out of all these, Revolut has consistently presented itself as the best option for travelers. Today, we will have a look at Revolut Metal and see how good this membership option really is.

What is Revolut Metal

Revolut provides four main membership options - Standard, Plus, Premium, and Metal. 

The top-tier membership option Revolut Metal price is $16.99 per month. Customers who use this plan will receive a metal Revolut payment card which they can use for contactless or chip and pin payments across 36 major countries in the world.

The metal membership allows you to access all features of the free and premium plans. These universal benefits include: 

  • Spend money in over 140 currencies at the market exchange rate;
  • Withdraw money from ATMs without paying any fees;
  • Exchanging money in over 28 fiat currencies without hidden fees;
  • Commission-free cryptocurrency trading (up to $200,000 per month)
  • Fee-free international transfers

However, there are various additional benefits that are accessible only to Metal members. Let’s take a closer look at all these benefits. 

Benefits of Revolut Metal

All Revolut plans provide a variety of financial features, including fee-free international transactions, investment opportunities, and more, but it’s undeniable that Revolut Metal provides the most lucrative benefits package. 

Some of these benefits would be useful to anybody. For example, any savings, cashback, or low-fee Revolut Metal crypto fees and investment commissions are subject to 0.40% interest, paid daily! Furthermore, all Revolut Metal users will receive a free and flashy payment card made of solid reinforced steel and weighing 18 grams. 

Anyone who spends a lot of money will benefit from the financial protection provided by the Revolut Metal card. However, there are many additional benefits exclusive to Metal that will be beneficial if you travel a lot. 

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, it’s undeniable that international spending adds up quickly, and Revolut helps out by reducing the fees. In addition to this, you can expect the following international travel benefits:

  • Overseas Revolut Metal Travel Insurance 
  • Delayed Baggage & Delayed Flight Insurance 
  • Priority Customer Support 

When Should you Upgrade to Revolut Metal?

If you’re reading this, you probably already have a membership for Revolut Free or Premium, and you might be wondering, “why should I upgrade to Revolut Metal?”

There are two main categories of people that Revolut Metal would benefit from in particular. Firstly, Revolut Metal is a no-brainer for anyone who spends a lot of money. 

With the 0.40% interest on Revolut Metal cashback, savings, and investments, not using Metal is essentially pouring money down the drain. 

The second category of people is travelers. With the already listed Revolut Metal card benefits such as overseas medical insurance and delayed flight insurance, this membership provides a whole range of financial benefits and support for people who travel a lot. These can apply to both leisure and work travelers.

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Get your Revolut Metal by opening Revolut account

Revolut Metal Card

So, what exactly is the Revolut Metal Card, how should you use it, and how can you order it? 

The Metal Card is the physical payment card you will use to access all of the benefits that we mentioned. You can use it in one of Revolut’s many internationally supported ATMs, via contactless/chip and pin, or for online payments. 

Any purchases made with your Revolut card will instantly be eligible for benefits such as cashback and content insurance. 

All you need to do is visit the Revolut website, navigate to the Metal membership option, and sign up for the service for $16.99 per month. You will receive your metal Revolut card for free soon after!

It should be noted that while your first Revolut Metal card will be free, any replacement copies will cost you $50. 


Overall, Revolut is an excellent financial service that will help you protect your money in many ways. Still, Metal is by far the most useful membership – particularly if you spend a lot of money or travel frequently. 

If you’re unsure whether Metal will be a useful membership for you, check out our digital bank comparison tool now! You just have to answer a few simple questions, and our tool will show you which is the best digital bank for your needs. 

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