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Best Crypto Cards

Crypto cards allow cryptocurrency enthusiasts and, of course, owners to spend the crypto they have stored in their wallets. If you’re an avid crypto user, keep reading to find out how a crypto card might be the best payment method for you and how it’s an alternative to a regular credit/debit card.

What is a Crypto Card

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been around for most of the last decade, but only recently have they taken the front stage in the investment world. Besides being an excellent investment, cryptos can be used like any other currency in the world.

Crypto cards provide you with the opportunity to combine the benefits of a credit card with crypto investment. Like regular banking cards, they also come in two forms: debit and credit crypto cards.

Crypto cards allow you to simultaneously spend the cryptocurrency you own while earning crypto rewards. This makes for an excellent opportunity for crypto lovers to get a new convenient payment option and receive cash (crypto) back on purchases.

As cryptocurrencies become more popular over the next few months and years, it is expected that crypto cards will become mainstream. Card

The prepaid card targets crypto holders that want to spend their cryptocurrency while having access to exclusive benefits and a few rewards.

This crypto debit card has no annual fees, no ATM withdrawal fees, and an appealing cashback offer that can go up to 8%. The major downsides of this card are the extensive list of rewards exclusions and the low limits on ATM withdrawals for the lower tier card options.

Some of the upper-tier partners, where users will get rewards and benefits, include Spotify, Airbnb, Expedia, Netflix. With the card you also get access to airport lounges.

Binance Card

The Binance card allows European shoppers to spend their crypto and receive a cashback percentage that is among the highest in the crypto card industry.

The Binance card features up to 8% cashback on purchases from eligible vendors, no hidden monthly or annual fees, and the ability to convert crypto on demand. 

The main downside to this card is the ATM fee that can amount to 0.9% of the withdrawal. Besides that, the Binance card is currently only supported in Europe. The card is also banned in the U.K.  

To get a Binance card, all you have to do is sign-up to Binance and apply for a card once your personal account is activated.

Coinbase Card

This card allows you to spend the cryptocurrency available in your Coinbase account on any purchase and will give you rewards as you spend.

The Coinbase card has no annual fees, it gives you up to 4% cashback on purchases, and it is accepted virtually anywhere in the world. 

However, there are some downsides. There is a 2.49% fee to convert crypto to USD before any purchase, which, in the long run, will set you back significantly.

To qualify for a Coinbase card, you need to create a Coinbase account and apply for one at

Coinmotion Card

Coinmotion offers the first nordic crypto card on the market. This card allows shoppers to buy from over 29 million marketplaces worldwide, working just like a regular MasterCard on any online or physical store.

Coinmotion promises to secure your funds in a multi-signature storage, making your account virtually uncrackable. 

Some of the downsides of the Coinmotion card are the 3% foreign exchange rate and the 1.50€ ATM withdrawal flat fee. One thing to note is that, as of now, Coinmotion is only available in a few select countries located in Europe.

To apply for a card, all you have to do is order one if you’re already a Coinmotion user. If not, just create an account and follow the necessary steps.


Crypto cards are promising and could take the world by storm in the next few years. Getting your hands on one right now could prove to be profitable. 

The fact that they allow users to have the benefits of regular banking cards and, along with that, receive crypto rewards with every purchase makes them a must-have for every crypto enthusiast.

If you need help deciding which card and, ultimately - crypto exchange -, is best suited for you and your own needs, check out our crypto exchange comparison tool.

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