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Complete Account of All The AvaTrade Fees

Avatrade is a highly renowned broker that lets you trade in more than 250 financial instruments – right from commodities to Forex. Now, before you open your account and start trading through Avatrade, you need to have a fair idea about the charges. So, here is a complete account of the AvaTrade fees you will be charged.

AvaTrade Fees and Commissions

The AvaTrade fee that you might need to pay can be broadly categorized into two types, namely:

Non-trading fee:

  • Inactivity fees
  • Withdrawal fees

Trading fee:

  • Deposit fees
  • Spread cost
  • Commission and transaction fees
  • Overnight funding fees
  • Currency conversion fees

Now, let’s take a look at each of these fees for AvaTrade individually.

Non-trading fee

Inactivity fees

You will have to pay an AvaTrade inactivity fee of $50 for each quarter if the account remains inactive for three months. After the account remains inactive for twelve months, an additional yearly administration fee of $100 will be charged. Depending on the base currency you are using, here’s how the inactivity fees will look like for you:

Fees for three months

  • £50 (GBP)
  • €50 (EUR)
  • $50 (USD)

Fees for twelve months

  • £100 (GBP)
  • €100 (EUR)
  • $100 (USD)

Withdrawal fees

If your account is completely verified, you will not have to pay AvaTrade withdrawal fees. However, you can only withdraw any fund using the payment method you had used to deposit money in your account. Expect the withdrawal request to be processed within 24 hours, though some extra time might be necessary for you to get the payment.

Trading fee

Deposit fees

You will not be charged any deposit fee for your AvaTrade account, although you need to deposit a minimum amount. The minimum deposit amount for bank or wire transfers is $500 and e-payment and credit cards are $100.

Spread cost

AvaTrade earns its commission from the cost of opening and closing the trade, as seen in the spread. If you want to determine the spread related to AvaTrade trading fees, you need to visit the official website of the broker to know more. You can also get in touch with the customer support of AvaTrade to understand the spread cost better.

Commission and transaction fees

Like most brokers found in the market nowadays, you will not have to pay anything as AvaTrade commission fees. So, you will not have to spend anything as a commission for your buy and sell orders. AvaTrade compensates for this using the market bid and ask spread, which refers to the price differences between where the assets are sold and bought.

Overnight funding fees

AvaTrade overnight fees or overnight premium is charged on the positions that are held overnight. For any positions that are held for more than a weekend, you will need to pay the three-day ‘swap’ charges that are levied on Wednesdays.

You are basically paying this fee to meet the cost of leveraging on the open positions. Also, understand that the calculation and overnight fees are not the same for every asset. Visit the website or talk to the customer care to know the exact overnight fees that you will be charged.

Currency conversion fees

AvaTrade supports not more than five base currencies. It means you will have to know the currency conversion fees for any other currency that you want to use for your account. The broker reserves the right to convert the funds in the account as per the exchange rate in the money market. You can check the money market rate to get a fair idea about the currency conversion fee.

Are AvaTrade Fees High?

Overall, AvaTrade fees are comparatively on the lower side. The forex fees and CFD are pretty low. You will not be charged anything for the withdrawals, though you will be fairly charged for inactivity. You have already read about the inactivity fees before. However, such fees are subject to change. So, it is better to check with AvaTrade to know more about the current fees and charges.

AvaTrade Fees - Conclusion

Hopefully, you have a fair idea now about how much you will be charged when you use AvaTrade. The fees are fairly reasonable and there are plenty of features on the platform to keep you invested.

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