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How To Send Money to Pakistan Cheap and Fast

There are many reasons to transfer money from your home country to another financial institution abroad. These reasons can be to pay school fees, hospital bills, business/trade, legal fees, among others. Similarly, there are many corridors that affect monetary transfer to any country around the world. These may be performed through intermediaries such as retail bank account, international money transfer vendors like Western Union, mobile transfer apps, among others. In this article, we have put together some common ways to send money to Pakistan from any country worldwide and highlighted the best and fastest among them.

Available Options

Here are the methods to transfer money to Pakistan from any country around the world. 

Bank Transfer

This payment method allows customers to send money to the recipient's bank account in Pakistan. This method seems safe and secure, as both account holders must have a trusted identity before any transfer can hold.  

Wire Transfer

This is an electronic transfer that is carried out between two banks or corporate businesses. Wire transfers are sent through networks (such as RTGS, ACH) that connect banks.  

Money Transfer App

This platform allows customers to enjoy an easy and fast way of sending money abroad without the need for an in-person transaction or going to the bank. This kind of transfer can be done with your smartphone and provides a fast, flexible, cheap, and convenient transaction, even within the comfort of your home. In today’s world, money transfer app is the most popular and used method to sending money anywhere around the world. The platforms charge lower fees compared to the bank transfer. The convenience of mobile app is also hard to beat, as transaction can be done within 5 minutes from the comfort of your home.

Cheapest ways to send money to Pakistan

The average bank cost of sending money through bank transfer may attract $15 to $30 depending on the bank you choose. The wire transfer method is the most expensive due to some undefined charges accrued during the wiring process. It can cost up to $40. Meanwhile the mobile app (such as RIA app) attracts charges as low as $0 to $5, and thus the cheapest of all other options.

Fastest ways to send money to Pakistan

While the bank transfer takes up to two business days to reflect in the recipient's account, the wire transfer takes about five business days and the mobile app transfer such as RIA app takes a minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 2 hours to reflect in the recipient account.

Best ways for Specific Countries  

This section will explain the fastest and best rate to send money to Pakistan from the USA, UK, and Canada. 

Send Money to Pakistan from the USA 

Bank Transfer is the cheapest method to transfer $1.000 to Pakistan through RIA, as the transaction fee is $1 when compared to other platforms. But the fastest method is Debit/Credit card, via RIA, which takes about 15 minutes compared to bank transfer that takes four business days to deliver. Thus, the Debit/Credit card is the most preferable here.  

Send Money to Pakistan from the UK

The RIA platform seems to be the cheapest and fastest via Debit card. The payment of 1.000 GBP will attract a zero-transaction fee with a delivery timeframe of 15 minutes. This seems preferable to the Wise platform’s Bank transfer cost of 5.70 GBP and delivery timeframe of 3-5 business days. Thus, the debit card method is the most preferable here. 

Send Money to Pakistan from Canada 

The calculator shows that Wise money transfer app is the cheapest in sending money from Canada to Pakistan. Wise App Direct Debit is the cheapest with a transaction fee of 2.49 CAD and a delivery time of 2 hours. It is better when compared to RIA App with a transaction fee of 4 CAD but with a delivery time of 15 minutes. Thus, the Direct debit method is the most preferred here.


Before you consider any of the listed payment options, you should consider seeing our money transfer app comparison tool, to ease your transaction planning and maximize the time of getting your transfer done with ease.

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