Quality of Articles and Information

When you read an article on the Sortter website you are guaranteed that the information in front of you is correct, accurate, and presented in an objective manner. All this is possible thanks to the rigorous selection process of the editorial team, editing, and verification of all published texts.

First, we sought for the editorial team only people with experience in article writing and/or banking finance. Below, you can see exactly who is part of the Sortter editorial team and what each person's responsibilities are.

Also, before publication, each article is carefully checked by an editor. His job is not only to find mistakes but to make sure that all information is presented objectively and is 100% correct. The process is rigorous, and the articles are published only after carefully checking them.

Although our partners remunerate us, our mission is to accurately and objectively present all financial products to you so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Below we present the entire Sortter editorial team and each person's responsibilities.

Sortter's Editorial Team


Alex Manea

Editare și verificare informații

Timea Sabău

Content writer